Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting ensures that occupants can safely exit the building in the event of an emergency and power outage. As a business owner, it is your duty of care to ensure you have the correct provision in place to safeguard your employees and occupants. We install and maintain effective lighting systems in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Avon, Worcester, Wiltshire and all the surrounding areas. To arrange installation and maintenance, call us on 01452 530669.

Emergency Lighting Installation

If you need emergency lighting installation, speak to the team at City Fire Protection. We can visit your property and perform a survey, then recommend the best lighting plan for your needs. As well as advising on the best lighting installation, we will also advise on emergency exit signage to ensure the escape routes are clearly marked. Whether you need a brand new system installed for the first time, or need old safety lighting replacing, we can help. All installations we fit comply with fire legislation for complete peace of mind. Our installations include:

  • Emergency escape lighting
  • Standby lighting
  • Escape route lighting

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Our experienced engineers can inspect your existing lighting to ensure it will be effective when required. When our engineer visits your property, they will perform a thorough inspection of the complete system and will repair any faults on the day.

Maintenance is required to ensure your system will be effective in the event of a mains power failure. Power failures can be caused by many factors including fires. It is essential that occupants can exit the building with the aid of safety lighting. Failure to maintain your lighting system can result in people not being able to swiftly exit the property, and can also cause panic.

Contact City Fire Protection

For more information or to arrange an engineer for emergency lighting installation or maintenance, please contact us. Call 01452 530669 to speak to a member of the team about your needs.