Fire Alarms Gloucester

City Fire Protection specialises in the installation of fire alarms in Gloucester and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive fire safety service includes the planning, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems. All systems are designed to the unique requirements of your premises. We can install brand new systems and we can also extend existing fire safety systems. We fit only the most robust brands and our range of equipment includes automatic detectors, fire alarm panels and manual call points.

We also provide digital signalling to alarm receiving centres via Dualcom GSM Digital Communicators which automatically send the Fire Brigade to your premises or phone nominated keyholders. Signals are monitored by Southern Monitoring Services

For fire alarms in Gloucester and the surrounding areas call us today on 01452 530669.

Duty of Care

It is your duty of care to ensure any residential or commercial building you are responsible for has fire prevention measures in place to safeguard any occupants. Inadequate fire safety systems pose huge health and safety risks. The potential consequences of relying on such systems can be devastating.

Furthermore, your insurance can be affected if your system fails. Generally, if you have informed your insurer you have a fire detection system in place, it has to work effectively. If it fails it is likely that your insurer will not pay out in the event of a fire. Why take the risk? If you need a fire alarm system, then call us today to arrange a site assessment.

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer a range of fire alarm systems that meet British Standards. Our range includes early detection systems that minimise the risk of fire through a range of technologies that can detect risks early on. If the system identifies a risk, the pre-alarm will be triggered which gives the opportunity for that area of the building to be investigated before the full alarm sounds. Early detection helps save lives and property.

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To discuss our services or to arrange installation of fire alarms in Gloucester, call us today on 01452 530669. We can arrange a suitable time to visit your property to perform a comprehensive site survey and then recommend the best system for your needs.