Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments are a compulsory requirement for businesses in the UK. Furthermore, if your business employs 5 people or more, it is your duty to ensure that risk is regularly monitored and recorded. We offer fire risk assessments throughout Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Avon, Worcester and Wiltshire. Don’t fall foul of the law, arrange your fire risk assessment today.

Who Needs a Fire Risk Assessment?

Any commercial enterprise requires a fire risk assessment in order to minimise the risk of fire and to safeguard occupants. If you fall into one of the categories below, you will be responsible for ensuring a risk assessment is carried out:

  • Landlord
  • Employer
  • Owner
  • Occupier (i.e. leasee)
  • Hotelier or owner of a bed and breakfast
  • Anyone else with control of the premises

What Happens in the Assessment?

When you book an assessment with us, we will visit your property at an agreed time and date. Our engineers will thoroughly inspect the premises to identify risk factors. Once the assessment is complete, we will report back with recommendations on how to improve your fire safety. The engineer’s inspection will include the following:

  • A thorough inspection of the property including escape routes, alarms, signage, emergency lighting and firefighting equipment
  • Identification of fire hazards
  • Identification of occupants at risk
  • Provide an evaluation of risks and recommend a way to remove or mitigate associated risks

How Long Will the Assessment Take?

The duration of the assessment will depend on the size and nature of your business. When you book your appointment, we will ask you various questions about your business and can provide an estimated timescale.

Contact City Fire Protection

To arrange a fire risk assessment, contact City Fire Protection. We can arrange a suitable time to visit your premises and provide a written report.